Interview Skin Two

I met Gérard Musy at a fetish party in New York over twenty years ago. A successful fashion photographer by day, Gérard brought his sophisticated vision to the private world of fetish and BDSM nightlife.

I was publishing the fetish magazine Skin Two and Gérard’s images were quite unique. He documented the sexual underground with the authenticity of a real insider – combined with the style of a top fashion professional.

Nobody else has captured the essence of fetish nightlife in quite the same way as Gérard. Newton and Carlos Clarke achieved fame and fortune, but Musy is the master of the night. It has been a privilege to publish Gérard Musy’s images and a pleasure to be his friend.

Tim Woodward, London
CEO: Skin Two & KFS TV






Gérard Musy by Tim Woodward & vice versa
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