Beyond (Lustre) is a collection of 108 photographs depicting BDSM scenes captured over an extended period from 1981 to 2014. The photographs, mainly black and white with only the occasional swirl of red, depict scenes in clubs, mistress’s dungeons and intimate surroundings.The already powerful scenes are amplified by an inner narrative that transcends the screen and throws the observer’s mind into a vortex of light and shade – reminiscent of Caravaggio.The constant use of a wide angle lens pulls the viewer into overwhelming dramas and brings to mind the films of Orson Welles.The Beyond show is near completion and will be driven by a specially composed music score, in surround sound, that will enhance further the feeling for the viewer of total immersion in the scenes depicted and propel them into a world of vivid imagination. Beyond will be a unique artwork, leading that genre of photography to territories previously unseen.

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